Sunday, January 6, 2013

My First Book is Out!

I'm pretty excited to announce that my first book, KnockoutJS Starter, was recently published. If my blog looked dead for the past several months, it was due to this little project (and a few other things).

Please check it out and leave any feedback/comments here. I would like to write another JavaScript book and constructive feedback would be really appreciated!

KnockoutJS Starter - Publisher Site
KnockoutJS Starter - Amazon


  1. This book is great and informative. It would be great if you upload the code example for each chapter.

  2. Eric, congrats on the 1st edition!! Please read the one star reviews on, and use that criticism as the basis for the 2nd edition. In a nutshell... when someone is trying to learn Knockout or any programming library or language, just giving us snippets of code and not telling us "where to put it" makes this book useless. I really hope the 2nd edition has completed code examples and a completed project with code to download. Good effort though.. Thanks!

  3. Or just make available the complete code for each chapter of the book we can download.

  4. This is a great book because it's short and to the point, getting you into the code quickly. The only question I have is, on the product example, if I click on a product that I've already added to edit it and hit "done", the UI should revert back to the initial list view with only the 'add' button showing, right? As of now I get stuck on the edit view, but I am assuming I missed something... Anyway, once again, great book!